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How Do Solar Panels Produce Power At Night?

Simply put they don't. We take an estimate of your overall electric usage then calculate the number of panels needed to produce that power.

When will I start seeing my return on investment?

In all cases, you are able to start seeing a return & savings immediately. Depending on the program, you can see this through an immediate profit by purchasing the asset at 70% of the value, or by seeing cash flow savings day 1 around 30 - 50% depending on the exposure of your roof & the amount of electricity you consume Also, that savings is going to be locked in so it will never decrease, while your utility is going to increase a minimum of 6-12% annually

Can I completely disconnect from my power company?

However great it would be to tell your power company to get bent the answer is still no. There are options for batteries and generators that can make you completely energy sufficient and take you off grid but, they are not cost efficient in the current market.  Your solar panel will work with your electric supplier to keep you in constant power with a give and take approach that ends with a $0 monthly payment.

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